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Easy Loans


As our name suggests, the whole point of this website is to make things really Easy! Everything from the application form, getting a fast decision - all the way through to you receiving your money and making the repayments. There are no hidden charges on this website and no upfront payments for anything - what could be easier?

Easy Payouts

On average, once a loan has been approved. Payments will usually be made and with the borrower within 25 minutes.

Easy Questions

As you would imagine with this site, we won't make things hard for you. To apply for a loan is simple and straightforward.

Total Transparency

Before you accept any loan offer through this site, you will be given a clear breakdown of the costs involved. Then you decide!

Uk Customer Support

If you get into problems with any aspect of your loan, we are here to help and work with you to come to a solution.

Why Are We So EASY?

Our name reflects the process as a whole, not just the types of people that are accepted through this site. Sure people who get turned down for mainstream loans stand a better chance of being approved here. But more than that, the name refers to the fact that no paperwork is needed. The payouts are fast and repayments can be automated. UK customer services if you have a problem. That's why we are Easy!

  • Loans Up To £5000
  • Money Sent on Approval
  • No Upfront Charges
  • Free Support
  • 2 Minute Decision
  • High Approval
  • We Work With 34 Lenders
  • Great Reputation
  • Thousands of Reviews
  • An Easy Decision


Those with a good credit record can get great deals on loans too. Interest and charges are custom tailored to the applicant and the rates that someone is charged for a loan will be linked to the chance that they won't be able to make loan repayments on time. This means that those with a good credit history probably won't be paying the same price as those with problems in their past. Individual pricing is a more responsible way of lenders charging for loans.

We are Trusted Globally by Millions of Clients